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If you have a cavity but want to avoid dark-colored fillings, Hayley L. Barocas DMD, LLC, and her expert dental team in Stamford, Connecticut, offer aesthetically pleasing solutions. They use VOCO white fillings that blend in perfectly with your natural teeth to restore them and your beautiful smile. To find out if you’re a candidate for white fillings, schedule an appointment with Dr. Barocas and her team by phone or online today.

White Fillings Q & A

What are white fillings?

VOCO white fillings contain special tooth-colored materials (composite resins) that restore your teeth. White fillings offer durability and protect your teeth from fractures and moderate chewing pressure.

Because these fillings blend in with your natural teeth, most people won’t notice them. White fillings help you avoid noticeable silver or gold restoration materials.

Why might I need a white filling?

Dr. Barocas can use dental fillings to repair teeth containing:

  • Small cavities
  • Cracks
  • Pits
  • Other minor damage
  • Discoloration

White fillings are beneficial if you require a dental restoration in the front, visible portion of your tooth. If you have a large cavity, big crack, or tooth infection, Dr. Barocas might recommend a root canal, crown, inlay, or onlay instead of a filling.

Are white fillings right for me?

To find out if a filling is the right dental restoration for you, Dr. Barocas reviews your dental history and examines your teeth. She uses X-rays to determine the extent of tooth decay or damage you have.

What should I expect when getting a filling?

When getting a white filling, Dr. Barocas can numb the treatment area. She might drill into your tooth to remove decay and reshape it before the filling placement. While keeping your teeth clean and dry, she applies special filling materials to the damaged portion of your tooth to restore it.

Filling materials mold to your teeth and harden rapidly. There’s no downtime after getting a filling so you can go about your regular daily routine.

How should I care for my teeth after a filling?

To prevent future tooth decay or damage, practice good dental hygiene habits. Brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and floss every day. Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and avoid sugary foods and drinks.

See Dr. Barocas and her team every six months for professional teeth cleaning and exam, and contact her right away if your filling becomes loose or damaged.

Don’t let minor tooth damage progress to serious dental complications. At the first sign of tooth pain, cracks, or decay, schedule an appointment with Hayley L. Barocas DMD, LLC, by phone or online today.

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